More than just a will

When you come to Duffy Lawyers for a Will, you have the opportunity to experience a thorough and holistic approach to life planning.  We can help you to make a Will that matches your specific needs and those of your family.  You can also choose to look at the things that are most important to

Understanding Power of Attorney

What is a power of attorney? There are two types of powers of attorney: an Enduring Power of Attorney a General Power of Attorney A General Power of Attorney is given to someone to make financial decisions on your behalf when you are absent, for example, if you are overseas and need someone else to

Understanding testamentary trusts

What is a testamentary trust? A Testamentary Trust is a discretionary trust which is created in your Will.  A discretionary trust (when created during your lifetime is commonly called a family trust) is where a person or company (trustee) holds property, business or investments on trust for the benefit of a number of people and related

Understanding Family Trusts

We all want to keep more money in our pockets. Family trusts provide one very popular way to legally minimise your tax and protect your assets. What is a family discretionary trust? A family trust is actually not a separate entity like a company.  A trust is more correctly a legal relationship between the trustee

Selling your business Lawyer Blog Header

Selling the business or franchise that you worked so hard at is a big decision and it’s rarely a simple process.  You may be an expert at running your business, but there are good reasons to use a skilled business lawyer when it comes time to sell.  A commercial lawyer insures that your rights are