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Creating an effective plan for your estate is something we do not like to think about.  However, the reality is that estate planning gives you a chance to look after the things that are most important to you - your health, your family and your wealth.  Without it your assets may not be protected and it can cause a great deal of distress to family members who will be already facing emotional distress.

The structuring and estate planning team at Duffy Lawyers bring a fresh perspective and a variety of options resulting in better informed choices about estate planning, business structuring, strategies and tactics.

We specialise in providing individually tailored legal and business advice on structuring, asset protection and succession planning.  By working alongside your financial planner, accountant and other advisors, we ensure that you receive comprehensive advice about the protection of your wealth.

We bring a holistic approach to estate planning to ensure consistency and compatibility between all aspects  of your life and we also bring the skills to provide you with a structure that suits your individual needs whether that is a simple will or a complex trust or business restructure.

Trust and Experience

Indepth advice and guidance

The structuring and estate planning team not only advise on estate planning but can also offer indepth advice and guidance designed to assist you  with following:

  • Corporate restructuring
  • Asset planning and protection
  • Estate succession planning
  • Wills and testamentary trusts
  • Trusts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Estate administration
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Private Ancillary Funds
  • Off-shore trust and company structures

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