Thinking of buying a new business or selling your existing business?

Our extensive experience in business purchases and  business sales allows us to provide you with comprehensive advice throughout the entire process, from reviewing term sheets to drafting Business Sale Agreements.

We can also provide advice on all aspects of such commercial transactions and supply the necessary documentation to ensure the transaction proceeds in the most efficient manner.

It is very important that certain provisions and warranties are included in Business Sale Contracts to ensure you are fully protected and early advice on such a proposed transaction is strongly recommended.


Why you need a Lawyer when buying or selling a business?

Buying or selling a business is a significant transaction. You want to ensure you get it 100% right so that there are no implications.

When buying a business you’ll want a lawyer to ensure the structure is right for your needs, and provides you with protection from any debts or liabilities.

When selling a business, you need to seek legal advice to make sure you get the best return within the shortest period of time.

Duffy lawyers are experts in business purchases and sales and can help you get the right outcome.

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