Need a new business structure? Need to change an existing business structure?

You may be starting a new venture or rearranging a current one to incorporate changes such as the additional of new people or outlets. Whatever, the reason, Duffy Lawyers can provide you with the specialist advice necessary to ensure it is done in the most tax efficient manner whilst maintaining (or providing) the necessary protection for your family assets.


Maximise efficiency, minimise risk

There are a number of business structures available for use including family trusts, unit trusts, partnerships, companies and multi-level corporate groups.

At Duffy Lawyers, we have years of experience in working with these structures and we take the time to understand each client’s individual circumstances, objectives and long term goals before recommending a structure or re-structuring solution.

We work in conjunction with you, your accountant and your financial adviser to safeguard your business by structuring it to maximise tax efficiency while minimising risk.

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